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Why have a party, when you can make it a Jubilee? 


Glitter, Glamour and Fun...

that is what Jubilee is all about.  Life is too short to be boring.  Why not add some color? Whether it be whimsical or bold, Jubilee can add some magic to your world.  


Private Parties, Corporate events, Reunions, Openings, Family Nights, Holidays, Festivals, and anywhere you want to add smiles to your event. 


We can work with your themes: Luau, Mardi Gras, Sports, Princess, Pirates, Super Heroes, Familiar Characters,  Corporate Sponsors?  We will be glad to incorporate your ideas into our services.  


Face and body art:  While we are face painting pros, our experience goes beyond that. 


Prenatal belly painting? Glitter Tattoos?  Halloween or costume make up?

See the services tab for more information.

Let us work together to see how we can help you. 


Why Hire a Professional?


Hiring a professional face painter can be beneficial for several reasons.  


A professional can paint hearts and stars, but also A lot more.  Like in any trade, a professional

works to continually master their craft.  Entertainers and artists are no exception.  A good painter

can offer several designs or requests based on the client's ideas or the party theme.  

There is no substitute for quality.


Professionals use professional products.  We are not talking about a craft kit from the local mart.

Tools such as high grade paints, brushes and cosmetic glitters ensure a fantastic experience. 


A professional can also paint quickly and pleasantly.  Making smiles is our job! 


Jubilee is an insured entertainment service. No matter if its a private party or corporate event, Jubilee is covered for those rare but "just in case" moments.


Why does a face painter cost so much?


People sometimes wonder why a face painter can be so expensive.   Like any business there is more that meets the eye.  For an in-depth look at what is involved in face painting, which can apply to all entertainers as well, click the link to the right.


What areas do you travel too?


Primarily, Jubilee provides services in the greater Milwaukee area.  This includes Waukesha, Racine, Kenosha, Mequon and other locations in the South East Wisconsin area. We do work outside this area as well.  Travel costs may apply depending on distance. 


About the Artist and Owner:


Kathryn Bell has always had an interest in creative endeavors and working with children. Whether it was babysitting, as a camp councelor or working in early learning, Kathryn has worked professionally with children for over 20 years.  Being able to combine her joy of creating and  working with children was a natural progression.  No matter if it's face painting, painting on canvas or making a tutu to name a few, using her talents to create smiles is what gives her the most satisfaction. Its not work, when you love what you do.  

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